Pick your favourite flavour and base-drink from a range so wide that it has, pineapple, as well as the kiwi, anaar, as well as the cranberry, musk melon, mango, litchi and more



Drink it with the breakfast, drink it in the cab, drink it in the brake, drink it with friends,even drink it before bed.



Good food ought to be eaten over and over again, and a good drink ought to be repeated.

1ne Drink, Many Benefits

Taste and nutrition go hand in hand when it comes to 1ne Beverages. Vitamin C helps boost immunity – and every glass of 1ne Beverages carries 100% vitamin C. Get all of the taste and none of the worries about health. No matter which flavour you choose, great taste and nutritional delight is guaranteed in each and every bottle of 1ne.


A Range Of 100% Fruit

Get what you want, what you need and what you love in this bright rainbow of flavours. Whether it’s the healthy deliciousness of our Aloe Vera range or the refreshing flavors of our Nata De Coco range, 1ne Beverages always brightens up the day a little. We reinvented our brand with a fresh line of beverages to deliver ‘sehat’ in every sip.

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1ne for every 1ne, everyday

1ne beverages’ number 1 goal is to give the new India its very own daily drink. Hence, we took inspiration from the flavours of India and introduced a flavour-rich range, based our juices on healthier options like coconut and aloe vera,  and made our product pocket-friendly. 

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